Wind Horse Hill 

A Place for Healing, Exploration & Growth

• Wind Horse Hill provides a quiet, country setting for professional trainings, healing retreats and individual, family or group explorations in the beautiful Texas Hill Country less than an hour from downtown Austin.

Wind Horse Hill extends an invitation to slow down and connect with the best part of ourselves and others.




Healing with Horses

We combine cutting edge neuroscience and powerful psychotherapeutic practice with the art and science of animal assisted therapy.  Carefully crafted exercises open the door to insight and awareness.  We explore ourselves when we enter into healing equine relationships, a rich process that guides us to answers often forgotten and sometimes hidden within us.

Retreats & Trainings

Personal & professional Growth

Wind Horse HIll is proud to host workshops with some of the finest teachers and trainers in the exciting world of Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Past workshop and training facilitators include…

  • Richard Schwartz
  • Toni Herbine Blank
  • Flint Sparks
  • Ann Sinko
  • Cece Sykes 
  • Gail West

Practical Shamanism


Inspired and Informed by the work of Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic  drummed meditations and ceremonies offer a chance to  work collaboratively with skilled shamanic practitioners. Together we can support inner exploration. seek out and restore parts of the psyche (Soul) that may have become isolated and exiled (lost) due to injury, abuse, grief, loss or other traumatic life events