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Shamanic Healing Journeys
Shamanic Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Soul Retrievals are healing ceremonies.   When parts of the Psyche or Soul have been forgotten, sacrificed or walled off due to painful experiences, Shamanic Soul Retrievals offer a chance for integration and empowerment. 

Inspired and Informed by the work of Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic Soul Retrievals are typically drummed meditations where one or more shamanic practitioners seek out, retrieve and restore parts of us–and of our world–that need healing.

Soul Retrievals are opportunities to increase our inner awareness and bring healing and empowerment to our deepest being. 
Shamanic Soul Quests
 Like the Shamanic Soul Retrievals, Shamanic Soul Quests are typically drummed, meditative journeys where one or more Shamanic Practitioners work collaboratively with a client to support the client’s inner exploration.  The Client and Shamanic Practitioner work together in these journeys to seek out, retrieve and restore parts of the client’s psyche (Soul) that may have become isolated and exiled (lost) due to injury, abuse, grief, loss or other traumatic life events.
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