Money Come Dance with Me

An Internal Family Systems Inspired Retreat


When: TBD

Where: Wind Horse Hill 6492 Fall Creek Road, Spicewood, TX


In this workshop you will:

• Clear your ancestral money wounds, beliefs and burdens.

• Connect to divine desire and expand your ability to receive.

• Explore your wealth identity and the “wheel of wealth.”

• Identify and bust through your money ceiling.

• Create a relationship with money as a loving guide and friend.



Gale is an internationally known workshop leader, success consultant, and intuitive. She has been a midwife to magnificent businesses, careers and lives for more than 30 years. A certified IFS (Internal Family Systems) practitioner and Money, Marketing, and Soul Coach, she deftly combines practical sensibility with spiritual wisdom. Gale is passionate about supporting people making a difference in the world to monetize their gifts and create financial flow with joy and delight. Her book, Money, Come Dance with Me, is scheduled to be published Spring 2020.






◊ What fears, patterns & beliefs about money keep you from experiencing joy, adventure & financial expansion?



◊ Are you ready to have a greater impact in the world by transforming your relationship to money & success?







“I attended Gale’s  “Money” retreat in Hong Kong. My energy and attitudes around money have transformed – I feel relaxed and confident, I’m peacefully assertive with my clients about standing firm in my value, and my business revenue has grown substantially without me needing to push hard.  I wanted to be friends with money.  And now I am.”

Kay Ross, consultant, Improv Artist 

“I have known Gale West for many years & know her knowledge & ability with IFS well. She has an acute intuition & her work feels quite guided—like her guides are involved in it. She asks important & out-of-the-box questions that help us examine & then change our relationship to the parts of us that have issues around money & other things. She has a lovely, accepting presence.” 

Richard Schwartz, PhD, Founder Internal Family Systems Therapy